What is MYREN?

MYREN™ provides high-capacity broadband to universities, colleges, research organisations and scientific laboratories. A government-funded programme, MYREN™ aims to provide accessible broadband to the Malaysian researchers to achieve the country’s k-economy aspiration. This networking super highway enables researchers to run data-intensive applications, share computing equipments and run advanced applications within Malaysia as well as overseas.

MYREN™ was launched by the Minister of Energy, Water & Communications, Minister of Science, Innovation & Technology and Deputy Minister of Higher Education on the 28th March 2005. In 2009, MYREN™ was managed by the Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture (MICC). MYREN™ has been operational since then and currently being spearheaded by the Ministry of Education (MoH). MYREN™ links twenty eight (28) institutes of higher learning and research entities and as well as twenty two (22) polytechnics and thirty six (36) community colleges throughout Malaysia. MYREN™ is also linked to several other National Research & Education Network (REN) overseas, including Asia Pacific, Europe & the United States.

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